January 2021

10 Months on from the suspension of our concert programme, we are still have no idea when we might be able to resume  our performances, and meet our friends again. Nonetheless we send you all our best wishes for 2021, and assure you we will back at the St. Martin's Chapel as soon as we can meet safely. Some of you may have heard that Rosemary has been unwell, but the good news from her family is that she is on the mend. I'm sure we all wish her a speedy recovery.

In the mean time, carry on making music, on your own, or over the internet using skype or zoom. The Morecambe Bay piano group has been doing sterling work linking up pianists from this area in meetings held over zoom. See the Links page for contact details if you'd like to join. Other groups such as choirs have similar internet activities with which you can join.