Secretary: Rosemary Brown  (NOTE: Rosemary is not presently available)

Concert Organiser: Marjorie Goode (not currently available)

Treasurer: John Pratt (telephone 01524 62308)

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For information about concerts, please telephone Tim on 735067 (evenings only).

Links to other sites:

Virtual Lancaster is a directory of local events and community groups. Music Makers thanks Virtual Lancaster for publicising its events.

the Haffner orchestra is Lancaster's symphony orchestra.

The Alberti piano group consists of pianists, mainly amateur, who meet regularly in central Manchester to play for each other and listen to each other playing. The group is friendly and supportive. Their website gives ample details of their activities. 

Morecambe Bay Piano Group

A new piano group has been formed in the Morecambe bay area. The first very successful meeting was held in June 2018. Meetings are to be held at approximately 6 week intervals during 2019 at the Salvation Army Community Centre, 131 Balmoral Road, Morecambe, LA3 1HJ. Please contact Christopher Walker via [email protected] for further information.

Clitheroe Piano Group

The Clitheroe piano group is now well established. They meet at Clitheroe library, with the use of their fine old Bechstein grand, on Saturday afternoons. Contact [email protected] for further information.